Thursday, September 1, 2011

TheraBreath Product Review & Giveaway

I recently received an opportunity to review a few products from TheraBreath, a company whom makes products aimed specifically at helping consumers who are dealing with bad breath. For the past five years I have been dealing with morning breath and dry mouth, but have never asked or shopped around out of embarrassment. I was thrilled to review the mouthwash, toothpaste, and lozenges.

The products arrived quickly and included information about the causes and culprits of bad breath which I found very intriguing.  Also, all of their products are all natural!  In addition to bad breath, I learned that TheraBreath products actually do much more in assisting with maintaining oral health by preventing other problems such as canker sores, also known as mouth ulcers.  If you suffer from these, I highly recommend reading more here:

I began using the products that night following the same routine for the last 7 days;

Brushing my teeth, roof of my mouth, tongue, and inside of my cheeks using the TheraBreath toothpaste.  Followed my soaking my dental floss in TheraBreath mouthwash for 60 seconds, flossing, and then rinsing with the mouthwash.

In between, I used the TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges.  These come individually wrapped making them super convenient for us busy mummies or anyone looking o freshen up their breath while out and about.

Over the last week I have noticed several changes beginning with the first use of the TheraBreath products.  First, the mouthwash, being 100% alcohol free, offers a much easier rinsing than those that do contain alcohol and have a stinging sensation.  I worried that because I didn't feel anything, that it wasn't doing it's job.  I finished the above routine (instructions are included in the box of mouthwash) and crawled into bed.

The next morning, I wake up and head straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth, by habit.  I have suffered from morning breath for years and honestly just assumed everyone else did too!  I started to pull my hair back, splash water on my face, and then it hits me, my mouth wasn't as dry as normal.  I also didn't have that awkward bad taste that always comes along with dry mouth in the morning. Impressive...

The next 7 days really flew by, I noticed slight changes in taste which are no longer occurring, no more morning breath or dry mouth, and the lozenges helped after eating to give me that fresh breath feeling.  The color of my tongue also has improved to a healthier pink! I also noticed my teeth were whiter than a week ago which is not a claim made by the company, but hey - works for me!!

Overall, the products work exactly the way they are supposed to and I will continue to use these products from now on. I was very surprised at how easy the whole process was and not having to rush to freshen up my breath before everyone else wakes up has really made my morning more enjoyable.  My oral health is very important to me and one of my favorite things about TheraBreath is all of the information made available to you for FREE!  I have learned so much during this review, it really has been eye opening. The "The Bad Breath Bible" is a must read and available on their website via a FREE download! Now I just wish I would've tried TheraBreath sooner!

I highly recommend checking out the TheraBreath website to learn more about their awesome line of products and some surprising facts about oral health.  TheraBreath products are available at Walgreens and Walmart, but they also offer online ordering with FREE shipping which I love!  It allows you to be discreet and have your products shipped directly to your door. They even offer a 100% guarantee, which they discuss fully on their website.  To me, that says it all.

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